#1 Courier Service in Dundee

Sending out parcels is a part and parcel of a company that deals with sale of goods in a big geographical location. As a business, you want to make your customers as happy as possible while at the same time, you should seek to minimize the shipping costs as possible. Choosing the best courier service for your products requires a lot of research and considerations. There are a lot of problems that come with shipping and if not careful, they can cost you more than you intended to pay. Below are solutions to some of the major shipping problems.

  1. Out of time.

There are times that you may need an item to get to your clients within the shortest time possible. If you do not know how to sort out the orders that need urgent delivery, you may end up losing these clients. To address these issues, there are reputable couriers that offer express and/or same day deliveries for the urgent parcels. This eliminates the excuse of lack of time whenever you want to meet a deadline. By contracting Dundee Couriers, you can rest assured that your parcel will be delivered in utmost hours or as per the agreed time.

  1. Parcel delivery in the wrong address.

Man is to error and there are circumstances that come up whereby you send a parcel in the wrong address. It is always advisable to countercheck the receiving address before the parcel is sent out. If you send out parcels to multiple of clients, sometimes you may realize that it is to be shipped in the wrong address while it is on transit. Instead of bearing the loss of wrong receipt, Dundee couriers offers a delivery intercept service to ensure that if a parcel is on transit, it can be rerouted. However, this is not the only option available, you can request for a return-to-sender request or reschedule delivery service. While these are fee based services, they are great ways of rectifying the problem of wrong address delivery.

  1. Sometimes parcels are damaged while in transit.

Different goods are handled and packaged differently. There are individuals who package their goods without considering the fragility of these goods. The safety of your products is determined by your packaging more than the handling of the goods while in transit. It is thus important to disclose to Dundee courier about the nature of the goods, and whether they need to be handled with more care. In choosing the packaging, Dundee can help you to settle for the right packaging depending on the item that you are sending out.

Once the goods are properly packaged, Dundee handles them with excellent care while on transit. Also, by insuring the goods on transit, it is a great way of ensuring that your goods will arrive safely and on the stipulated time.

  1. An inaccurate tracking number.

When making an order or sending out a problem, it happens that one letter or number is omitted in the tracking number. This makes it very hard to know the progress of your order. Either from the senders or the receivers end. To curb this issue, Dundee courier has an online ordering as well as tracking numbers. In addition both parties are updated on the progress of their orders. In case of any issue that may arise, Dundee has a team of customer service that is available around the clock to help you in knowing the progress of your goods and ensure that you get the best delivery service.

In addition to solving the above four problems, you can rest assured that there more than just delivery.



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